Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters offer an alternative to traditional blinds and bring the outside feel inside your home. Our range is bespoke, so you can customise them according to your tastes. Whether in modern minimalistic living spaces or a traditional living room, the wood provides a warm homely feel, especially great on cool winter nights!

3 year
guarantee on
all our blinds

Why are wooden shutters perfect for your windows?

With our extensive colour choices and height variations, we can manufacture your shutters to fit your exact requirements.

The interior design specialists at Alpha Blinds can help you create a space that is as individual and personal to your needs. Whether it’s larger windows, French doors or smaller panes; we have the perfect shutter for any situation!

  • Controllable privacy and light levels
  • Different finishes and slat sizes available
  • Affordable and professional installation
  • Child safe and easy to clean
  • Stylish alternative to blinds
  • More suitable to dry rooms
  • 3 years guarantee

Measure. Order. Fit.

Alpha Blinds have always been great value for money and now our range is even bigger and better, whether you are looking for roller, vertical or the latest wooden styles, we have something for everyone!