Motorised Blinds

We offer the ultimate in function and convenience with our motorised blinds. Stop struggling to open or close your windows; just one touch of a button does it all! For those who have mobility issues, these sleek shades will allow you access from anywhere at any time when there’s an auto-open option available which cuts out the hassle completely by simply raising/lowering.

3 year
guarantee on
all our blinds

Why are motorised blinds perfect for your windows?

We offer a wide range of designs and finishes for your automated blinds, so you can find the perfect style. Our expert team is here to help guide your decision with all advice needed about what’s best suited just for YOU!

The convenience of remote controlled blinds is a huge benefit, not just for your home but also if you’re looking to outfit an office building. You can be sure that they will meet all requirements with their compatibility across multiple platforms and devices Including Alexa!
Welcome to the future!

  • Compatible with most smart devices or remote control options
  • Extensive choice of colours, fabrics and textures
  • Handy for hard to reach areas
    Regulate light and privacy
  • Option to convert existing blinds to motorised blinds
  • 3 years guarantee

Measure. Order. Fit.

Alpha Blinds have always been great value for money and now our range is even bigger and better, whether you are looking for roller, vertical or the latest wooden styles, we have something for everyone!