Conservatory Blinds

It is no secret that the right set of window coverings can make a huge difference in any room. But when it comes to finding shades for your conservatory, you’ll have more options than ever before-and some serious decisions to make!

3 year
guarantee on
all our blinds

Why are conservatory blinds perfect for your extra room?

You may be surprised by how much sunlight streaming through conservatory windows will pick up without proper shading; plus there’s glare from outside if we don’t want our eyes irritated while trying to maintain an afternoon nap or read something nice on TV during these hot summer days.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional English rose pattern or something more modern, we have the perfect blinds that will suit your needs. Our range includes Vertical,Roller, Pleated and Venetians in many different styles and colours as well as Perfect Fits to give an elegant yet sleek finish on your conservatory panes!

  • Custom made for conservatories
  • Extensive choice of colours, fabrics and textures
  • Child safe, practical and stylish
  • 3 years guarantee

Measure. Order. Fit.

Alpha Blinds have always been great value for money and now our range is even bigger and better, whether you are looking for roller, vertical or the latest wooden styles, we have something for everyone!